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GoToWebinar vs. EasyWebinar – Which Is The Best Webinar Software?

Webinars are amazing selling tools for products and services online, but these come in all shapes and forms. Because of this, choosing which webinar management software to use can get confusing.

These days, live webinars aren’t the only effective type of webinar out there. There are at least NINE different types of webinars. The issue is that many webinar tools can’t handle more than a couple of types. This can severely limit your marketing abilities.

In this comparison post, we’ll explore how EasyWebinar matches up to GoToWebinar. You’ll learn the essential features you’ll need to know before diving in, based on your needs.

Over the past 10 years of marketing online, we’ve tested all the major webinar management tools and figured out what works best for most people.

One of the most important things an online business owner can do is optimize the sales process in their business. By doing this, you need to have the right tool, be able to adapt to market trends, and test quickly.

It’s time to solve that for you… and there are two webinar softwares that will help you easily do this. Let’s explore each one and decide which is best for you.

EasyWebinar and GoToWebinar, An Overview Of Two Webinar Management Tools:

But that’s where it ends. You’ll quickly notice how vastly different these two pieces of software are…

Key Differences Between EasyWebinar and GoToWebinar

Let’s explore some of the key differences that will make this decision simple for you…

Live Webinars Only vs. Any Webinar Type You Want

We figured we would start with the most important differences of all…

GoToWebinar is definitely known in the industry and has been around for years, but they have one MAJOR downfall. Their software will only allow you to run live webinars. There is absolutely no option to run an automated webinar, or a just-in-time webinar, or any of the other types you’ll see online.

Many companies that say they do automated webinars or instant replays don’t have the ability to do those in an evergreen setting. This is important because you’ll need the ability to broadcast your event streams in the attendees’ local time and in real-time. You will be able to do this with EasyWebinar.

Also with EasyWebinar, you’ll have the ability to choose from NINE different types of webinars to run. For example, you can start by running a live webinar and perfect your presentation. When you are ready, you’ll be able to click one button and start running it as an automated webinar. This is extremely powerful and will allow you to make sales without you having to present every time.

Here is a list of the types of webinars you can run with EasyWebinar:

Do You Like To Have A Limited Number Of Attendees?

This is another differentiating factor between GoToWebinar and EasyWebinar. With GoToWebinar, you’ll quickly notice that you’ll have to pay more for the more attendees that you want on your webinars.

For example, they will limit your number of attendees to 100 if you are paying for their lowest tier of $89/month. At their highest advertised tier, you’ll still be capped at 2,000 viewers and will be paying an outrageous $429 PER MONTH.

On the other hand, with EasyWebinar, you will never be limited by the number of attendees that can watch your webinar at any given time. You also won’t need to pay an extra cost if you brought in more viewers.

And to top it off, with the more viewers you bring in, you will never see any slow down in the quality of you video stream. EasyWebinar has built their software on top of the industry’s leading live video streaming engine, so you’ll always experience full high definition and no latency with your live streaming.

Email Integrations

Being able to integrate your systems together, like email CRMs and autoresponders, will be the difference between long hours of headaches trying to “make it work” or being able to click a few buttons and sleeping well at night.

Let’s explore a comparison of EasyWebinar’s and GoToWebinar’s integrations so you can best decide which would better suit your systems set up. And remember, it’s wise to think ahead to integrations that you might need in the future. It’s better to prepare yourself now with something that integrates to more software services.

First off, GoToWebinar makes it extremely difficult to actually know if your autoresponder can integrate and even more difficult with how you’ll be able to integrate. For their following integrations, you’ll actually need to use a third-party connecting tool called This means that none of the following are actually natively integrated, so you have to sign up for a separate service and possibly even pay more.

GoToWebinar Email Autoresponder Integrations (using a third-party tool called

EasyWebinar makes it extremely simple and has the following autoresponders natively built into the software. Meaning, when you’re setting up your integrations within EasyWebinar, you’ll click a couple of buttons and you’ll be ready to go.

EasyWebinar Email Autoresponder Integrations (all natively integrated):

Deep CRM Automations

Integrations are one thing, but that’s the simple part. What most people don’t think about is the level of integration that is possible. Most webinar tools, like GoToWebinar, will integrate at a surface-level. This means that you’ll be able to add people who register for a webinar to a list, but that’s about it.

GoToWebinar doesn’t do any advanced tracking with CRMs, meaning no actions can be performed during a webinar. On the other hand, this is something that EasyWebinar excels at.

With EasyWebinar, integrations run deep and allow you to automate emails and triggers based on your subscriber’s actions. They integrate in all of your marketing, not just on the front-end, but from the back-end, as well. Within EasyWebinar, you’ll have the option to use tags, create automations to fit your business, set rules, and other features to increase the effectiveness of your webinars.

It might seem a bit complex, but you don’t need to understand how it works. Users of any skillset level, beginner to experienced techies, will be able to use these advanced integrations.

For any level of marketer who understands the power of CRMs and followups to make sales, EasyWebinar is the clear winner.

Add Any Kind of Tracking With EasyWebinar

Being able to track your traffic, clicks, or purchase actions are key to any successful marketer. Without this data, you are flying blind and will never know your numbers. This is a recipe for disaster.

GoToWebinar does not give you the ability to track any of this type of data. If you choose to use that software, you won’t know if the Facebook ad that sent you a lead converted into a sale. That’s just one example, but I’m sure you can see what I mean.

With EasyWebinar, you’ll have the ability to add any tracking pixels you’d like to all pages. That means you’ll be able to add your Facebook pixels, Google pixels, and even social proof popup notifications to your registration, thank you, and webinar pages.

In addition, EasyWebinar will give you a dashboard that shows how well each step of your webinar process is converting. With a couple of clicks, you’ll know exactly how well your registration page is converting, how people are engaging with your webinars, when people are dropping off, how many people are converting to sales, and much more.

Customer & Tech Support, Live Chats, Robust Knowledge Base

We were customers of GoToWebinar for years, long before EasyWebinar and other powerful webinar softwares were available. After having issues with tech, choppy live streaming, or just general questions, we quickly realized customer service was not GoToWebinar’s strong suit.

They do have a limited knowledge base for quick answers and has a support staff that will get back to you. But based off of our experience, their support staff isn’t extremely knowledgeable and will typically delay and pass you to other reps for an answer.

EasyWebinar strives to offer the absolute best customer service in the webinar software industry. Here are the different ways you can get help when you need it:

You always want to know you have backup from the experts when you need it. You’ll get that with EasyWebinar and they win in this category.

How About The Price?

We know that some people are price sensitive and others don’t care, they just want the software to work as they wish. But with this comparison, I think both sides can agree who the winner is here…

As mentioned above, GoToWebinar has tiers of pricing and that also limits the number of people who can attend your live webinars at any one time. Below is a list of their pricing and the amount of people who can attend at once. Keep in mind that GoToWebinar can ONLY do live webinars, so you don’t have any of the automated webinar features…

That means at the lowest tier, you’d be paying $1,068 per year and $5,148 per year for their highest tier!

EasyWebinar will give you all of the features that GoToWebinar gives you and many more. Their pricing is just $497 per year and there are no tiers. You’ll never pay more for anything and will always be grandfathered in for future product updates.

Here Are What Users Of EasyWebinar Are Saying…

Which Is Better, EasyWebinar or GoToWebinar?

We have spent hours and hours of time in each of these softwares. Years ago I would have said GoToWebinar was the leader, but times have changed and they have not.

After digging in and taking a hard look at all features and costs savings, you can’t beat EasyWebinar. Here’s a quick recap why EasyWebinar is the winner:

Getting Started With EasyWebinar

Because we’ve spent the time testing both webinar softwares, we wanted to make it easy for you to get started FAST.

We’ve set up a private page just for our readers here to take advantage of the best price for EasyWebinar…

Simply click here and learn more. You’ll go to a page with a full rundown of EasyWebinar and how to get started.

When you sign up, you’ll also get immediate access to special training all about webinars. You’ll learn how to get your first webinar up and running, how to send paid traffic to webinars, special tactics of how to use the software to its fullest, interviews with the creator, and much more. You can see the bonuses by clicking here.

We’re also available for any questions you might have. Just drop us a line by clicking here and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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